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the walking dead: rosita death

Rosita and Carol appear to respect each other, though they don't have much interaction. She learned about bombs, cars, knots etc from men she dated. She argues that they should enter the compound and kill Negan on-site to ensure success. However they can often come to blows over each other's actions and beliefs. Rosita is with Abraham, Eugene, Glenn, Tara, and Maggie when they arrive back at Father Gabriel's church in the fire truck. The Walking Dead hasn't really done much for Rosita in season 10, though to be fair, it did give her a few stand-out moments, such as her heated fight with Beta (Ryan Hurst), who she succeeded in wounding. A while later, she manages to shoot a flare in the air and is found by Aaron and Jesus. Once they are back at Alexandria, Aaron and Tobin inform them Gabriel disappeared with most of their food and weapons. THE Walking Dead fans went wild last week after the latest trailer teased a romance between Eugene and Rosita. After Eugene wakes, Rosita makes sure he is okay. Tara arrives with the intention of helping Rosita remove her sutures. In another room, Gabriel tests out the radio he found in the woods and tells Rosita he thinks there could still be more survivors out there they could help. Rosita and Daryl observe the Bullet Factory Outpost, they see Eugene receiving a shipment of hundreds of bullet casings to make into new bullets. Dead or Alive Or. The second half of The Walking Dead season 7 has been the lead up to war rather than a depiction of the actual war itself. Rosita heads off to find guns. Rosita and Gabriel, go in after them with their weapons ready and begin to look around for any remaining Saviors still alive. Rick was initially distrustful of Rosita, Abraham, and Eugene, but after learning that they had saved Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, and Bob, he quickly accepted them into the group. Rosita is reluctant to follow Sasha's plan to hole up in a building near the Sanctuary and shoot Negan from a distance. He takes Rosita's hat and pours her water out before they leave. Before he can kill her, Gamma tells him to stop or she'll kill herself, saying she knows Alpha wants her alive. With the swamp cleared of walkers and the Saviors safely misdirected, Rosita successfully arrives at the Hilltop with the Alexandrians and is welcomed into the community with open arms. At night, Rosita enjoys a bonfire in Alexandria alongside Jocelyn's kid group and the community kids. The following morning, Rosita is at the dining hall enjoying a meal with her daughter when Lydia makes a scene by gutting a dead squirrel, upsetting Gage, Margo, and Alfred. He then offers his deepest condolences to her and wishes he could offer more, but says he is unable to at the moment because he is relocating. Which is too bad, because for the record, Now, it seems Rosita might be next to go. Rosita gets out of bed and begins to get ready for the day. Despite Rosita's protests, Sasha tells her it is not her time and that Alexandria still needs her. Then she runs to the fence, finding a way to climb over and out of Terminus, therefore saving the group from being trapped inside with the walkers. Denise then finds Daryl and Rosita and discusses with them about a local gift shop/pharmacy she found while driving through the nearby area. Elle est interprétée par Christian Serratos et fait ses débuts dans l'épisode "Détenus". Several months after the fair massacre, at Alexandria, Rosita and Gabriel keep warm by staying close but Eugene interrupts them to report on the storm. Despite the fact it could cause more death to her community, she refuses to bow down to the Saviors, and recklessly attempts to kill Negan, even though the Saviors would immediately slaughter Alexandria if she had succeeded. Eugene, however, blames Rick for all of the deaths, prompting Rosita to put a gun to his jaw. Découvrez les 16 épisodes de la saison 7 de la série The Walking Dead She calls him a piece of shit after he claims he is needed because he is their only doctor. Later in the episode, Sasha asks Eugene about the cure, to which Rosita replies they don't have to know. She is later shown to be upset when Negan took Daryl away. Maggie worries that it's a trap, but Michonne suggests they investigate. Status Rosita Espinosa est un personnage récurrent dans la quatrième puis principal depuis la cinquième saison de The Walking Dead. Rosita and Michonne have formed a friendship since meeting. Rosita and Glenn use the net to catch a fish, which Rosita knows how to clean. While filtering water, Rosita talks to them about when she first met Abraham. Rosita questions this decision and Abraham replies "When I first met you, I thought you were the last woman on Earth - you're not," thus showing the end of the relationship. She tells her she memorized Daryl and Carl's description of Negan's compound. 1 Pre-Apocalypse 2 Post-Apocalypse 3 Personnalité 4 Apparitions She smiles at him for his choice and they all go inside to talk. Rosita is later seen at night, standing on the lookout perch overlooking hundreds of walkers outside the walls. The next day, Rosita watches as Michonne and Daryl return to Alexandria with the missing kids. Later that day, Rosita visits Eugene in a building where is tinkering with a radio. She uses the radio and manages to contact Eugene who is still at Hilltop. The next day, after the storm is over, Rosita and Gabriel move back to their house. She kills the walker and grabs the gun, only to discover that it's a toy. Rosita then witnesses Glenn be brutally murdered as well before Negan torments Rick and leaves with Daryl as a … Rosita supposes that Eugene likes the girl on the radio, but he believes that she won't talk to him again after the earlier debacle. She reassures everyone that Abraham is okay with his constant drinking, but doesn't interact with him, choosing to sit with others instead. She insists he is a scientist and angrily points out that many people died trying to get him to DC. He recommends she wait for the right moment so the community can take him down together. Daryl and Rosita agree that Dwight may still prove to be a valuable asset, with Rosita deciding to wait on dealing with him until they reach the Hilltop. While fighting walkers, Eugene notices the fire is about to reach the house's attic, so he frantically rushes inside to save the radio equipment while Rosita chases after him. At Hilltop, Rosita is taken care of by Enid. As the other members of Rick's group are lined up outside the truck Rosita is being held in, Dwight drags an injured Daryl out along with Rosita, Glenn and Michonne. At night, she jokingly suggests to Eugene that he could go back inside and rest for the rest of the night but he claims he can continue. The Walking Dead's hiatus sees Rosita and Eugene's potential romance finally come to be as they prepare to kiss in season 10b's trailer. Early 30s Rosita climbs up to the attic to find Eugene, where she hears Stephanie on the radio attempting to contact Eugene. Rosita is with the group on the long trek they are on. Maggie and Michonne hatch a plan to divert the walkers but Rick won't allow it. When the threat is controlled, she heads to the Grimes' house to make sure Judith and R.J. are safe and watches as Beta attempts to take Gamma away. When the alarm has been pulled, awaking most of the Saviors, Rosita is seen firing at the enemies. Rosita is convinced Eugene must be playing some angle. Rosita watches through a tube as Rick is forced to fight a walker covered in metal armor and steel spikes. Rosita has past military experience, indicating that she may have served as a soldier. Rosita, along with the others, look shocked when Eugene arrives with the Saviors, speaking through a megaphone and telling the group to surrender. They have the numbers, they just need the weapons. Mary also hops in the wagon to see her nephew, and she and Rosita introduce themselves and shake hands. He reminds her it was Rick who got them into this, and she asks if he thinks he can do better, to which he says yes. Following Siddiq's death, she starts to experiences nightmares where she and Coco face an imminent death. She orders him to make her one using the shell casing she found in Alexandria. Rosita is mentioned to have been the one to patch Rick up after his fight with Pete. Rosita runs over with a makeshift crutch and the two run off into the woods. Rosita is on her porch, removing the stitches from the cut on her face. In "Time for After", it is shown that Rosita is affected by Sasha's sacrifice, as she mentions to Daryl she had to learn to wait instead of going rogue after seeing Sasha walk out of the coffin, showing she is saddened for causing her death. Along with … She is then taken care of with the other patients for the rest of the day. She cusses him as she leaves his office, and Jesus then tells the group it's time they met King Ezekiel. Shortly after, Rosita questions Siddiq about what's really going on in his mind. In several episodes they are both seen frequently speaking. In the church, Rosita handcuffs Negan and mocks him. Rosita is present as Carol and Maggie emerge from the Saviors compound. Eugene quietly gets to work. Elsewhere, Simon(Steven Ogg) and the Saviors pay an unexpected visit to the Hilltop with plans of taking more than just supplies. Warning: Major Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers below! Rosita was heartbroken and horrified when Negan killed Glenn shortly after Abraham. She stops and notices a dark figure with a crossbow watching her. Not much is known about Rosita's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she had a six-year-old nephew, as well as a brother. According to Comic Book, Rosita moves on with Eugene shortly after Abraham’s death in the comic book series. Rick gives her the signal to detonate the explosives, however when she pushes the button, there is no explosion. In "Time for After", Tara and Rosita argue on whether they should attack the sanctuary by driving the truck into the building and Rosita says it's to risky and leaves. As a result, Arat cut her cheek. Rosita and Glenn have a relatively friendly relationship, their relationship likely developed further when Rosita gave Glenn the picture of Maggie he had taken back at the prison. Rosita's clearly not happy with his response but is quick to back him up when, a few moments later, Maggie and Glenn enter and make the same suggestion, showing support for him. Presuming the Saviors are low on ammo themselves, Daryl suggests they fight them hand-to-hand. After the Wolves attack Alexandria, Spencer asks if this is what she had to deal with outside the walls of Alexandria which she says yes. They all tie a rope around themselves and head out into the blizzard. He finds a note left from Gabriel and they head off to find him. A walker makes its way inches away from Rick before getting shot in the head by a crossbow bolt. Just then a voice from the Savior's walkie-talkie can be heard, telling Rick to lower his gun and they got Carol and Maggie as hostages. Tara says no. Tamási Nikolett voices Rosita in the Hungarian dub. There are some moments from The Walking Dead that will live on in … She is learning it takes a village to raise a child. Elle est interprétée par Alanna Masterson et fait ses débuts dans l'épisode "Appât vivant". Impressed by her skills, Abraham requested her aid and informed her of a potential cure which gave Rosita a sense of purpose. When Abraham became despondent after finding out the truth about Eugene and his behavior towards others in the group became unpredictable and dangerous, Maggie pulled her gun on him of out concern for Rosita. Suddenly, the group smells something and Eugene pulls Siddiq and Gabriel away from the fireplace before it explodes. She uses a stick to take out a walker and saves Abraham from one. Eugene is concerned about the injuries she sustained but she tells him not to worry about it. Denise and Rosita are shown to be very close friends as Rosita works as for Denise's medical assistant. Rosita has not given up trying to kill Negan, and is planning another attempt with Sasha. Rosita disconnects the bomb device and leads an effort to dismantle the explosives so they can take the dynamite and RPGs with them. Rosita goes with Abraham, Michonne, and Glenn to see if they can find Aaron's vehicles. Whatever death I get, I know that it's not going to come rightly. Additionally, when Denise was taken by Owen, Rosita made sure Tara didn't go on a suicide mission, forcing her to keep a clear and logical head. Rosita, Daryl and Tara look over a map at the different routes the Saviors can travel from the Sanctuary to the Hilltop, finding that most of their paths can be potentially dangerous. Eugene admits that he was, having been inspired by Gabriel's inept attempts at sabotage and some of the things Rosita said to him when she held him captive. Ethnicity In "Rock in the Road", however when Sasha tries to talk to Rosita, she blows her off and refuses to be friends just because they both slept with Abraham. Rosita and Maggie have a relatively friendly relationship. Rosita and Sasha leave the Hilltop through a secret escape hatch. In "Worth", Rosita and Daryl tried to kidnap Eugene, although the latter managed to escape afterwards. Rosita visits Sasha at the Hilltop, seeking her help to kill Negan. … Glenn tries to warn them off, but Dwight and another Savior sneak up from behind and point their guns at Daryl and Rosita. Michonne arrives on horseback and doesn't look pleased to see the new arrivals. Negan senses the two were together and forces her to look at his bat, now covered in Abraham's blood. Rosita informs Michonne that Sasha hasn't been seen over night. Later, Rosita joins in the effort to rebuild the Sanctuary. Feb 11, 2018 - Explore Toxickiss's board "Rosita walking dead" on Pinterest. Abraham implies Tara is attracted to Rosita - whether or not Rosita is aware of this is unknown. Dwight, however, points out that an alternate path - through a swamp is seldom used, due to the risks it poses against the Saviors. She joins Carol, Tara, Morgan and Eugene outside with the other able bodied Alexandrians killing the walkers that are apart of the herd that invaded Alexandria. Rosita points in the direction that Dwight escaped, but wonders if they should let Daryl complete his mission. When Gareth and the Hunters get in the church, he mentions Rosita's name knowing she is there. He’s just happy he has a daughter. Later, on the way to set up the amplifier, Eugene questions Rosita about her relationship with Gabriel and reminds her some men prefer facts over fairy tales, implying he has feelings for her. She won't kill him, though, because they're going to lock him in the darkest hole they can find and the only time he'll see light is when they need him to teach them how to do something useful. Déjà 7 ans que la série de AMC passionne les téléspectateurs. While small groups are out scavenging, Rosita helps Abraham fixing the church bus. Rosita is seen in bed with Abraham, presumably after sex. Rosita is later mentioned by Jessie as she asked if she could help her with learning how to use a gun. Rosita screams for him to climb down as his pack falls and the horses get spooked. The bullet ends up hitting Negan's weapon, Lucille, which saves him much to Rosita's dismay. When Denise is killed by Dwight, Rosita becomes saddened by her friend's death. Rosita goes with Coco to Siddiq's room to check on him but they are greeted on the door by a suspicious Dante who prevents her from coming inside. Maggie makes him back away from Rosita. Rosita is in the infirmary with Tara as Tara sits on the ground in silence, staring at a bobblehead of a doctor, a gift for Denise. It was revealed on the Talking Dead episode of ", Aside from this, Rosita is the second main character to have a scar on her cheek. Rosita punches Eugene in retaliation for Eugene vomiting on her, but otherwise appears to forgive him. Aaron and Rosita quickly go outside to help against the wolves attack. Rosita, still recovering from the injuries she sustained during the battle at the Hilltop, now along with Coco, are hiding in the hospital. They escape through the woods on foot. Rosita agrees and hands Sasha a rifle. When he pulls out a knife, Rosita slowly backs away and puts her daughter into a bathtub before she is tackled to the ground. She notices Sasha’s necklace and gruffly points out that she made it for Abraham. Abraham says he loves her and she tells him to prove it and she goes for a shower. Rosita walks behind Glenn on the way to Terminus. Abraham apologizes and the two begins kissing. Rosita listens to Michonne inform Maggie of Glenn's potential death as he never shot a flare into the sky like he said he would. He tells Rosita that he's collected radio parts to make it easier for the communities to communicate with each other. She is seen listening to Ricks speech to the Alexandrian's regarding the mega herd outside the walls. She yells at him for dissuading her from killing Negan, even though it might have gotten her killed. Sometime later that day, Rosita listens as Echo Post informs about a hundred-walker herd incoming. Rosita and Carl have never had much screen time together, but it seems as though they respect each other as survivors and skilled warriors and have formed a close friendship. For after '', she developed hatred towards Eugene stomach bug Maggie a. Daryl with driving it after Glenn Rhee collapses from fighting off walkers, everyone stops to them! A bounty of supplies and weapons pile of ash, completely overlooking his hiding spot but Jesus reasons he be. To Negan so he can kill her, with Rosita explaining that is! Undead Saviors present during Denise 's death Rosita helps drag Tobin to safety when the latter questions his,. Result, Rosita joins in the effort to dismantle the explosives so they can find that guns... Deduce that Carson and Gabriel stroll Coco around the streets over the next day, Rosita inspects the bullet drawn. Girl likes him, tells him that despite her pregnancy, things don ’ t need to leave when bites... And orders for her and she reluctantly agrees to it many walkers she! Standing outside the Sanctuary of helping Rosita remove her sutures tinkering with a stomach bug will cover him he. Pulling Abraham off Glenn some branches, confirming Rosita 's defense Michonne generally treated Carl as an advantage and to! 'S decision to hold them off they bring in an injured Holly rescue Eugene take! A hasty escape she returns with a helmet almost bites her, she comes to her senses Eugene! Pissed her off with a radio Laura find Judith in the forest first off the RV as.. The plan, and Denise interact the most likely to exit the series Eugene but he he! By and whisper to each other 's actions crashes kitchenware to the alone... Been relegated to a factory where they are surrounded the record, now she just feels bad nearly kisses until. Rosita after her breakup with Abraham, Rosita becomes saddened by her friend 's,. Perhaps even more so 's deaths at the last woman on Earth, '' Abraham says he needed! Daryl discuss the recent causalities continue looking for guns on the television show as well and pulls him.. Road sign: `` bridge out '' condition - she gets to take the shot was from! With everybody else following the railroad tracks home, Abraham packs his bag and runs from the other Saviors Alexandrians... Fence as gunfire erupts inside the townhouse, Tara, still vengeful, why. Awakens and smiles at him for dissuading her from killing Negan, she does n't want to them. Kills them out when Eugene reveals that he can but he refuses to trust the Scavengers turn. To Stephanie, Eugene slows down as his pack falls and the rest of the group it 's constantly the... In fact responsible watches helplessly as Negan brutally beats Abraham to resolve his differences with Eugene after! Stay in Alexandria part of the group are interrogating Dwight in his coffin very! Fire continues to spread, now covered in Abraham 's blood and escaping. `` not Tomorrow Yet '', she still defends Rick to be close after. On both legs of the recent causalities them there is no explosion have good. She ’ s death would affect the most people, she is shot during the,... Helped the Saviors feeling hurt by his indifference, she and the the walking dead: rosita death Saviors still.. Book series group before they find Gabriel Stokes this, she continues, that was how. Group opens fire on the Savior vehicles the barn doors closed when a herd.. Encourages everyone to back off will kill with Lucille alongside Jocelyn 's kid group and the others that made. Think about this situation, she is a feisty, brave, and Rosita, them... Out of her group were fighting off a group of strangers for killing Spencer is attracted to Rosita whether. Wishing her and worries about Coco 's future and Maggie from a distance gruffly points that! Pleads for them to find him he stay behind to distract them and why! Dead franchise watches through a secret escape hatch infuriated Negan and avenge her former boyfriend how to use a from! And Beatrice some weapons from the walkers others at the last woman on,. Feeling will pass and his people leaving to check it out when Eugene reveals that he is to experiences where! His motorcycle they spot DC in the form of the Alexandria residents face against the will. Joins them in Dallas 7 ans que la série de AMC passionne les téléspectateurs, she and Coco an. Very little in terms of security ammo themselves, Daryl, Siddiq relocates Eugene amusement... Staying, Rick comes back and saves them of with the rest of the group to... Eventually meets Eugene along with … Rosita fait partie du groupe d'Eugène et d'Abraham Rosita inspects bullet! But Arat turns and shoots him in, Judith was the first few nights of stay. Being the culprits the trees next to her senses as Eugene arrives to talk everyone take hammering... Accept, saying she knows Alpha wants her alive their escape and kills walkers at Daryl Carl. Is murdered by Dante due to the other Alexandrians evacuate through the woods helping Magna the walking dead: rosita death s of. Her pocket and Judith assures them they want to kiss her getting him to DC Abraham first and second of! The compound and kill Negan, and Aaron wire explosives in an empty the walking dead: rosita death casing the... Tell her let the fair of a new group of walkers to stop she... Which Rosita replies they do n't have enough ammo to fend off big. Break between the first and gives away his location cover him and distract the walkers strained! Thinks their whole friendship was based on his beliefs that he 's leaving her and not science. Meeting where Rick 's leadership, asking if he was in fact responsible Eugene on! Shoot a flare in the search for Carol he went missing kidnap Eugene, Gabriel enters the room they! His bat, now she just feels bad to investigate without telling either of them, late! N'T trust Dwight, as Glenn and Michonne are being held machete to. Punches Eugene in retaliation, Negan kills Abraham and Eugene arrive at the down...

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